How to Install, Flash or Update Huawei Firmware

Download Huawei Stock ROM, Firmware, Flash File & USB Driver. Follow the instructions on how to flash Huawei stock rom, this software update improves the performance of your device and fix bugs.

How to install stock rom Huawei smartphone & tablet

In order to flash stock firmware on Huawei phone, make sure that the charge power of the battery is at least 50%. It is important to make a backup of your personal data otherwise you risk losing everything after the flashing process.

Method 1:
1) Download Huawei flash file firmware, extract the zip package on your computer.
2) Create a new folder in the Micro SD card then rename it to dload.
3) Copy the UPDATE.APP file on dload folder.
4) Insert your Micro SD card into the phone.
5) Power on phone while holding Vol Up + Vol Down + Power button together for 5-8 seconds.
6) Now the update process will start, then leave the buttons.
7) Wait a few minutes until the process is finished. After automatically reboot the phone.

Method 2:
1) Install the latest version of HiSuite, you can download it from HERE
2) Connect your Huawei phone to the computer with USB cable
3) Now on your phone, go to Settings > Search for HDB
4) Turn on Allow HiSuite to use HDB
5) Run HiSuite and click Update on your computer.

Method 3:
1) Make a new folder in the Micro SD card then rename it to dload
2) Copy the UPDATE.APP file on dload folder
3) Insert SD card into the phone and power on
4) Go to Settings > System > System Update
5) Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner
6) Tap on Local update
7) Select the UPDATE.APP file then your device will begin updating

Method 4:
1) Make a new folder in the Micro SD card then rename it to dload
2) Copy the UPDATE.APP file on dload folder
3) Insert SD card into the phone and power on
4) Open the phone dialer and enter:
*#*#2846579#*#* > ProjectMenu > Software Upgrade > SDCard Upgrade > OK
5) Select UPDATE.APP file that you moved to SD card. Wait until the installation process finished.

How to flash firmware Huawei modem

1) Connect your Huawei modem to PC / Laptop
2) Double click the update package, select the I Agree and click on Next
3) Begin searching device…”
4) Click Next
5) Updating. Pay attentiong to the following during the upgrade:
6) Start the upgrade by click “Start >”.
7) Wait until the installation procedure is complete
8) When upgrade finished, finished the upgrade click OK > “Finish”

How to upgrade firmware Huawei router

1) Login Page
2) Login Local Upgrade page
3) Enter the user name and password, click Login in.
4) Choose Home > Upgrade on the page that is displayed.
5) Wait until the upgrade succeeds.
6) After the restart, refresh the page and log in to the system.

How to change firmware with multicast upgrade tool

1) Setting the IP Address of PC
2) Opening the Multicast Upgrade Software
3) Choosing the PC’s Network Card connecting the router
4) Click the button ‘Refresh’ to refurbish the network card; then choose the card with the IP address
5) Configuring the Multicast Upgrade Software
6) Click the button ‘Open’ to get the dialog box of choosing upgrade files. Then select the right one and click the button ‘Open’ in the dialog box to return to the main face of the multicast software.
5) Verifying the Product Version of Upgrade File
6) Verifying the force upgrade is done or not
7) Click the button ‘Start’ to begin to send the multicast packages.
8) Turning on Power to upgrade Huawei router, the LED Showing during the process.
9) Neatening steps after Upgrading successfully
- Remove the CPE which have been updated successfully;
- If all the CPE have been updated successfully, click the button ‘Stop’ to stop sending the multicast packets and close the multicast sending packet tool;
- Turn off PC.

How to update firmware Huawei mobile wifi

1) Connect PC and Huawei mobile wifi hotspot by USB cable
2) Start the upgrade by click “Start >”.
3) Begin searching device…”
4) Updating. Pay attentiong to the following during the upgrade:
- Make sure that the PC is running on full power.
- Do not remove the data card
- Do not run other prgrams.
- Do not shut down, sleep, hibernate, log off, switch user or restart the PC.
5) When upgrade finished, finished the upgrade click “Finish >”

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Download Huawei Firmware | Huawei Flash Files: How to Install, Flash or Update Huawei Firmware
How to Install, Flash or Update Huawei Firmware
Download Huawei Stock ROM, Firmware, Flash File & USB Driver. Follow on how to install, upgrade, downgrade, update or flash Huawei phone modem router
Download Huawei Firmware | Huawei Flash Files
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